Behind the Scenes: Summer Fun with BMD

What are BMD’s dancers doing this summer?

Photo by David Moss

BMD’s 2012/2013 season was filled with many exciting performances and outreach activities that kept our dancers very busy, including our annual concerts at The Kennedy Center, the 100th anniversary celebration of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring at the National Gallery of Art; several out-of-town tours to The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Ct., Winterfest in Onley, Va., the APAP showcase in New York City, and the Wintergreen Summer Music Festival in Wintergreen, Va. There were also many local performances at some of Metro D.C.’s favorite performing arts locations and events such as Artisphere, the Atlas Intersections Festival, and the Capital Fringe Festival.

After a full year of hard work and dedication to the Company’s activities, BMD’s dancers are taking some time-off during the month of August to relax, recuperate, and prepare for the upcoming season. Many people often ask us what the dancers do with their free time during the summer. We thought it would be fun to give our followers a “behind the scenes” look into the life of a BMD dancer.

We asked our dancers what they are doing for fun this summer, how they are staying in shape while on break, and what they enjoy most about August. Check out what some of our dancers have been doing this summer!

 “The August break gives me more time to prepare for the upcoming season. I have hired four new dancers who will all bring different talents to the Company. With the help of Music Director, Larry Alan Smith, I have been seeped in music for new works. I am thrilled to be working with one of my favorite country rock music legends, Jason Ringenberg, from Jason and the Scorchers,on a new project. We have been talking on the phone, planning and sketching out our project. This collaboration takes me to Nashville in Sept!

During my down time, I enjoy going to Wolf Trap and Iota in Arlington, Va. with friends, reading books, visiting museums, riding my bicycle, long walks with Bennie, lunches and dinners out, and actually cooking a proper meal occasionally! I look forward to visiting my parents in Indiana and spending some quality time with them.” – Lucy Bowen McCauley, Artistic Director. Read Lucy’s bio.


Dustin Kimball “For fun this Summer I’m going up to Maine to spend time with my family. On my time off I usually stay in shape by swimming, and taking yoga and Pilates. My favorite thing about having August off is being able to spend quality time with my lovely wife.”
Dustin Kimball, entering his 7th season with BMD. Read Dustin’s bio.




 “I’ve been trying to make the most of this summer by being outside as much as possible and enjoying the weather. I went to a Nationals game. I had a picnic at a Virginia vineyard with fellow BMD dancer, Liz, and BMD intern, Danielle. I’ve lounged by the pool a bit. I also went on a week-long vacation to St. Kitts in the West Indies with five of my friends.

I don’t like to go long without ballet class, so I try to keep up ballet class during the breaks. I also enjoy yoga and going to the gym. Having August off from BMD makes me really look forward to beginning the new season in September!”
                                                             –  Alicia Curtis, entering her 5th season with BMD. Read Alicia’s bio.

Elizabeth Clain-Stefanelli  “I went trapezing for fun this summer and loved it! It was the scariest and most thrilling thing I have done in a while. I am going to the beach and enjoy reading a lot on my time off. I went to my first country concert and had a blast. I also had fun at a couple of vineyards in Virginia; and of course, loved catching some sun at the pool.

I stay in shape by cross training. I teach pilates, so I definitely like to maintain a better pilates practice for myself during my time off. I also have been cycling, which is great for keeping my heart rate up. I enjoy running, but only get a chance to do it every so often. Then, of course, I get myself into ballet class.

 It is wonderful having August to catch up with friends, relax, vacation, and reboot for the fall. Maintaining such a rigorous schedule during the year is possible with some mental and physical relaxation in August.”
                                                                – Liz Clain-Stefanelli, entering her 2nd season with BMD. Read Liz’s bio.
Alexandra Keen
“I have been going to a few concerts this summer at Merriweather Post Pavilion, including Of Monsters and Men, Zac Brown Band, and Fun. I enjoy taking classes at the Maryland Youth Ballet. I also enjoyed visiting my parents and staying with them for about a week. It was nice to be with them for a bit and get a good home cooked meal!”
– Alexandra Keen, one of BMD’s newest company members. Read Alexandra’s bio.