Thank You From BMD

Thank you for an amazing year and your continued commitment to excellence in contemporary dance, arts education, and community engagement.

BMD is thankful for its loyal supporters, audience members, collaborators, and community partners. Your generosity keeps Bowen McCauley Dance at the forefront of contemporary dance. We are thankful to be able to employ the area’s most talented dancers; offer nearly twenty different children, senior, and Dance for PD (Parkinson disease) programs in schools, churches, and community centers throughout the Metro D.C. area; perform with live musical accompaniment; and commission exceptional musical scores, and costume and scenic designs.

Thanks to our dedicated supporters, BMD’s 18th Season kicked-off with performances in Berryville, Va and an exciting journey through China with stops in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Foshan, and Hong Kong. In China, BMD taught workshops for dance students at Tianjin University of Sport and performed for university students and faculty. Engagements in Guangzhou included four performances at the 10th Guangdong Dance Festival, a Dance for PD class at Southern Hospital, and a performance in front of over 1,200 students at a school in Foshan.

In additional to BMD’s recent international visibility, the Company has been given national visibility with Lucy’s appointment as Artistic Council Chairman for Dance/USA. Our rapidly growing performance schedule is a testament to the local talent we have in our area.

Enjoy reading more about what BMD’s dancers are thankful for this year:

Joan Ayap dances with statue in China

Joan Ayap

“I’m very thankful:
1) For being surrounded by these amazing people
2) Fo my family, friends, and loved ones, who has been giving me a never ending love and support.
3) To work with such fantastically talented people at the company, who have inspired me in so many ways.
4) For all the wonderful opportunities I get everyday to awaken and be grateful.”



Photo by Amber Meade

Liz Clain-Stefanelli

“I am thankful:

1) To love my job everyday and dance alongside wonderful people.
2) For how close I am with my family and my new brother-in-law!
3) To be young, healthy, and actively enjoying life!”




Photo by Amber Meade

Lauren Christie

“I’m thankful for
1) Good health
2) Loving and supportive family and friends
3) DANCE!”





Alicia Curtis and Liz Clain-Stefanelli at the Forbidden City

Alicia Curtis

“I’m thankful:
1. To have a career in dance. It’s amazing to do something that I love and am so passionate about for a living.
2. For my supportive family and my great close friends.
3. That I just had the opportunity to travel halfway around the world with BMD. It was a dream to see new places, eat different food, meet interesting people, and dance for appreciative audiences in China.”



Photo by Amber Meade

Dustin Kimball

“I am thankful:

1) For each and every day that I get to dance with BMD and the wonderful people involved.

2) The extraordinary opportunity to travel to China to represent my country and chosen art form.

3)  My Family and Friends, for always being there for me.”