Behind the Scenes with BMD: New Duet “Far Behind” Features Guest Artists Ilana Goldman and Gabriel Williams

Far Behind  makes its world premiere at The Kennedy Center on February 12 and 13, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. This new duet fuses country rock and contemporary dance for a heart-wrenching duet that will eventually be part of an evening-long collaboration between BMD and Jason and The Scorchers, credited by Rolling Stone Magazine for “rewriting the history of rock’n’roll in the South.” Buy tickets.

At Lucy Bowen McCauley’s personal invitation, Ilana Goldman, a former Trey McIntyre Project dancer, will perform with her partner Gabriel Williams in this original choreography set to live music played by Jason Ringenberg and Warner Hodges. BMD goes “behind the scenes” for deeper reflection on Ilana’s relationship with Lucy since childhood and what it means to her to perform Lucy’s new choreography with her partner at The Kennedy Center.

Meet Ilana Goldman

Ilana Goldman, Lucy Bowen McCauley, Gabriel Williams

I have known Lucy for quite a while now. She taught me modern, ballet, and stretch and conditioning at Maryland Youth Ballet from the time I was about 13  to 18 years old. She was always warm, supportive, and encouraging. I remember telling my mom once that I would be very happy if I grew up and could be just like Lucy, taking class at MYB everyday and dancing for Eric Hampton.

Over the years, while I was away at college, and then later, dancing professionally, I would come back to take class at MYB when I was home over the holidays and would always see Lucy (Does she ever miss class?), and we would talk about how great it would be to work together. Finally, now that I am no longer tied to a strict schedule of dancing for a company (or attending grad school), we have found the time. I wish that we hadn’t had to wait so long!


Working with Lucy has been such a pleasure! She is open, patient, and considerate. She has a real appreciation for the music and a commitment to her creative intentions. She not only does an excellent job of explaining what she is looking for in certain movements, but she explains why she is making the choreographic and dramatic choices she is making. She included us in the creative process the entire time.


The “us” to whom I am referring is my “real” life partner, Gabriel Williams. Because I am taller than Gabe, we have had very few opportunities to dance together on stage. When we have, it has been wonderful, so I am so grateful to have this opportunity to dance with him again. His partnering skills are superb and he is always fully present and sensitive to my needs.


I am very excited for the performances at the Kennedy Center in February! I have attended many performances there, but have never performed there myself, so I feel very fortunate to be given this opportunity. I am also thrilled that we will have live music for the shows. We are so lucky!