Twenty years ago Lucy was new to the DC area and just beginning to try her hand at choreography while maintaining a professional dance career. With many dancer friends looking for work, she seized the opportunity and brought them together for her first evening-length production as a choreographer. The performance was held at Dance Place.

On October 1 and 2, 2011, Bowen McCauley Dance will return to Dance Place, but now as a celebrated company, in its 16th season, with a regional reputation and an Artistic Director recognized for “helping to transform Washington into one of the nation’s liveliest centers for performing arts.”

Known for her use of live music, Lucy delivers big with the D.C. premiere of ReSuitened, a “mash-up” of Bach suites arranged and performed by NSO cellist Yvonne Caruthers. A short documentary film of the making of ReSuitened will be shown pre-show to give the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the collaborative process. The new quartet debuted at the Wintergreen Summer Music Festival in July, 2011 to “a large and enthusiastic audience.” Artistic and Executive Director, Larry Alan Smith commented, “the program was fabulous . . . a tale of two halves. The music of Johann Sebastian Bach was used very effectively and the second half provided a strong contrast because of the popular music that Lucy selected for Lucy’s Playlist”.

Audience favorite Lucy’s Playlist, makes up the second half of the concert. The piece premiered in 2009 at Signature Theater. “All 100 seats in the Arc were filled to see what the Bowen McCauley Dance company would do with rock and pop selections. (Washington Post)” For anyone who missed the sold-out performances a few years ago, they have a second chance to enjoy the choreography set to Lucy’s favorite 12 tracks from her iPOD, spanning from punk rock B-sides, indie songs, and 1980’s classics.

Also on the program is a starkly dramatic solo for Lucy herself, Tus Ojos Claros…Santa Lucia (2006), a work that possesses “the melodrama and heart of a Diego Riverra painting (Washington Post).” Lucy was the inspiration for this dance, choreographed by Jaime Sierra. It is the result of an ongoing cultural exchange between BMD and the Monterrey (Mexico) Music and Dance Academy.

A festive post- performance party will take place following the program on Saturday, October 1, 2011 to support the work of the award-winning dance company. The event will include DJ, dancing, desserts,drinks, and mingling with the artists.