Behind the Scenes with BMD: Meet Gabriel Williams – Guest Artist in “Far Behind”

Bowen McCauley Dance presents An Evening to Love at The Kennedy Center Terrace Theater on February 12 and 13 at 7:30 p.m.  Far Behind, a heart-wrenching duet featuring original choreography by Lucy Bowen McCauley, will take the stage for its world premiere.

This emotional duet features guest artists Ilana Goldman and Gabriel Williams, whose chemistry on-stage is fueled by a real-life partnership between these two Florida-based artists.  Go “behind the scenes” with BMD to meet Gabriel Williams.

Meet Gabriel Williams

Gabriel Williams has danced for over twenty years, which has allowed him to  explore a variety of styles.  As a professional ballet dancer for nearly twelve of those twenty years, his career pursuits have included work with countless choreographers and dance partners.  An Evening to Love and the work on Far Behind present him with unique opportunities across several aspects of the creative process, beginning with the choreography created by Lucy Bowen McCauley.  “Lucy is an absolute joy to work with in the studio,” Williams writes. “Her creative process is organic, efficient, and inspired. I have rarely worked with a choreographer who not only has such a clear vision, but also the means to guide and shape work in such a direct yet compassionate way.”

Furthermore, Gabriel has the opportunity to dance with Ilana Goldman, his longtime life partner and former dancer with the Trey McIntyre Project.
“The opportunity to dance with Ilana again is a gift. I am grateful that Lucy can see beyond our differences as dancers to the possibility that our dynamics and chemistry can be powerful, and is not afraid to explore new possibilities with us. Ilana, despite being taller than me, is one of the easiest women to partner with whom I have had the pleasure of working. I am very excited to share the stage again with a dancer of her caliber.”

Williams has never before danced in Washington D.C.’s premiere venue, and anticipates that the evening at The Kennedy Center will bring about a host of new experiences. “I am looking forward to performing new work by a choreographer who I have not yet worked with in a venue where I have not yet performed. I am very excited to dance with Ilana again and to have the chance to help fulfill Lucy’s vision of the beautifully honest music we are dancing to.”

Meet Ilana Goldman

Buy your tickets now to see Gabriel Williams and Ilana Goldman in Far Behind on February 12 and 13 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.