BMD Shares the Work of Junichi Fukuda at Intersections

BMD Performs at the Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival on March 7 at 7:00 p.m.  and shares the works of talented young choreographer, Junichi Fukuda.

Lucy Bowen McCauley invited BMD dancer Junichi Fukuda to share his new choreography Segments featuring fellow BMD dancers.  We spoke to Junichi about the inspiration behind the project, what it has been like to work with his fellow BMD dancers, and what he has enjoyed the most about the project.  Here are some thoughts from Junichi:”Physically driven, this contemporary work evolved from the play and experimentation of the dancers and choreographer. More choreographic study than narrative, Segments focuses on the physicality of each movement, its intention and initiation; the dancers’ bodies in motion together and what happens when they impose on one another or are forced apart; and responses to specific constructs in time and space.

The dancers’ fearless approach to the movement research provided important impetus for the choreography and directly into my inspiration.  I’m interested in dancers’ body as a group and how they craft on stage.

The key for a dance company with drive is to have integrity while maintaining artistic freedom.  This Company, the dancers, artistic and administrative staff, and board members have both.  It has been unique and pleasing for me to be a part of BMD.  It’s nice to be in an environment where  individual artists are focused in one rehearsal room working for one reason.  I’m a choreographer with much less experience than Lucy. This is my first professional work with 5 dancers.  I’m aware of the cost to hire dancers, marketing, and theater costs which I’m not able to cover by myself. Lucy’s invitation lead me to a new stage in my career as a choreographer.  I’m grateful.”