Behind the Scenes: Victory Road Project with Dancer Takes

BMD Celebrates its 18th Season Finale on Friday, June 13 and Saturday, June 14 at 8:00 p.m.  at Synetic Theater in Crystal City with the Virginia premiere of the acclaimed Timed Connections and an exciting first look at the new collaborative project, Victory Road, between Lucy and country-rock legends Jason and The Scorchers.

Following the performance on Saturday, we will cut-loose with Lucy and the dancers and enjoy cocktails and desserts! Buy tickets!

We asked BMD’s dancers to describe what it has been like to prepare for such a momentous occasion, what the audience should expect to see and glean from the story of Victory Road, and what they have enjoyed most about this new collaboration with Jason and The Scorchers.

Here is what some of the dancers have to say:

Alicia Curtis: “It’s been a lot of fun working on Victory Road. It’s great being involved in the creation of new work, especially something so different from most of our other repertoire this season. We are really enjoying the rehearsal process, and I think that will reflect in our performances.

The audience can expect to see a work in progress. I don’t even know the whole story yet, because we’ve only finished part of what will eventually be a grander program. Hopefully, audiences will come back next season to see the full story come together.


I’m enjoying how Lucy is letting the music and story guide the way for the movement. There is definitely less classical ballet influence than in other works, and it’s a nice change of pace to have to let loose. I’ve also loved working on the duet “Far Behind.”  It’s always a challenge to step into a part created for another dancer and to try to make it your own.” View the video of Far Behind. 


Dustin Kimball: ” Every piece has a different approach to rehearsal, much of the new choreography is still taking shape.  How will the audience react? How can we tell enough of the story but still leave the crowd wanting more?  As for Timed Connections, it was a big hit at the Kennedy Center, and now we get to fine tune the piece to give it that extra special flare.  The final performance of the season is always a little nerve wracking, this will be the last thing the audience sees from the Company for a while.  With enough work, BMD will leave everyone hungry for more next year.


Since Victory Road is a preview of a larger work, it definitely has an untried feel to it.  I would describe the story like many journeys, small and humble beginnings leading up to something far larger and more grand than the begging would have predicted.  With every story of travel and growth there are plenty of stops, detours, trials, and unexpected moments that life likes to set in the path of the protagonist.  The audience will hopefully be swept along for the ride and come to enjoy the characters as much as the dancers.”


I have always been a fan of Country music in all it’s forms from Blue Grass, to Folksy down to the harder Rock styles.  Jason and The Scorchers bring all that and a little bit extra to the table.  Their music speaks to many parts of the heart and imagination.  The most exciting part for me is the knowledge of being able to tour and perform with this extremely talented group of artists next season.  It should be a wild time getting to know the band and working so closely with each other.”


Liz Clain-Stefanelli:“The rehearsal process has been a ton of fun getting into character and learning how to move a different way. I have never been country dancing, so this is a great new experience for me.

The audience should expect to see a whole lot of country and a life’s story being told. Through the songs we are telling Jason’s story, both happy and exciting, and sad and grueling. The whole story will not be told at Synetic, but will definitely leave you hanging.


I am thoroughly enjoying Victory Road and this exciting collaboration with Jason and the Scorchers. Every time I hear the music, I get energized and ready to dance. Lots of acting, lots of energy, and lots of country!”