BMD Selected for Pentacle Help Desk

BMD is honored to announce the Company’s selection for Pentacle’s Help Desk program.

“We are pleased that BMD will be a participant in Pentacle’s Help Desk®, a mentoring program focusing on organizational sustainability and growth.” – Raélle Dorfan, Help Desk®/Back Office Program Coordinator.

Help Desk supports the professional infrastructure of dance companies and independent choreographers; and works with participants to develop a strong sense of community and empowerment.

Each participant of the program is paired with a mentor who helps to identify and prioritize goals, develop short-term and long-term solutions to these goals, and assist in the development and fine-tuning of the participant’s organizational and administrative structures.

BMD is thrilled to be paired with Ivan Sygoda, who will advise on tour strategy throughout 2014-2015. Learn more.