Lucy Travels to Internationale Tanzmesse

Lucy will travel to Dusseldorf, Germany to serve on an American Delegation of dance artists and administrators at the Internationale Tanzmesse, August 27 – 30. She will be attending the festival with American Dance Abroad as representatives of The United States. The Internationale Tanzmesse will bring together over 400 dance companies from around the world.

Lucy adds, “I’m thrilled to be a part of the Dance Abroad group representing American dance this year in Dusseldorf at the Tanzmesse Festival. I look forward to seeing numerous international dance companies and experiencing a city new to me!”

The original aim of the Tanzmesse was to create a platform for dance companies from North-Rhine Westphalia where they could introduce and present choreographic work from the region to a larger regional audience as well as to the professional dance world. The Tanzmesse sought to create a presentational duality of performance and discussion. The companies could perform their works as well as talk about their projects in a marketplace environment. In 1997, the second Tanzmesse in Essen expanded the marketplace to include international companies and organizations to become a “World Market of Dance Regions.” The Tanzmesse was initiated in 1994 as the “Tanzmesse NRW” in Essen, Germany. The founders of the Tanzmesse NRW were the Gesellschaft für Zeitgenössischen Tanz NRW e.V., Stadt Essen, the Kultusministerium NRW and the Stiftung Kunst und Kultur NRW.

The Internationale Tanzmesse is a biennial marketplace and festival platform for communicating and networking in the field of contemporary dance. At the Tanzmesse, international dance companies and artists present their work live on stage; and choreographers, dancers, agencies, presenters and cultural institutions network and present their work in a lively marketplace. The Internationale Tanzmesse NRW also hosts numerous international gatherings and meetings. The Tanzmesse is a project of the Gesellschaft für Zeitgenössischen Tanz, based in Cologne, Germany.

BMD is proud to be part of a festival of such magnitude and looks forward to representing American dance among international artists, presenters, and dancers.