Celebrate 2 Decades on October 24 & 25

Celebrate BMD’s 20th Anniversary Season on October 24 and 25. See us perform at Dance Place and ‘After-Party’ with us!

Celebrating 2 Decades

You’re invited to ‘after-party’ like a 20 year old! 

BMD turns 20 this year, so let’s act like it!  Join Lucy and our talented dancers immediately following the October 24 performance at Dance Place for an ‘after-party’ celebration filled with treats, champagne, and dancing (of course)!

Help kick-off our 20th season at the exact place where it all began two decades ago. It’s true that you only turn 20 once, but you can celebrate BMD’s 20th all year long! Join us for an evening of memories, fun, and movement!

After-Party tickets are $25. Click here for party ticketsAfter-Party tickets will also be sold at the door before and after the October 24th performance. Tickets are limited. We may even stamp your hand as you come into the party room for that authentic 20 year old experience!

Tickets are $15-$30 and can be purchased online or in-person at the Dance Place Box Office. Click here to purchase tickets.

BMD: 2 Decades

Saturday, October 24
8:00 p.m.
Sunday, October 25
7:00 p.m.

Dance Place
3225 8th Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017

BMD debuted twenty years ago at Dance Place with the premiere of What’ll Ya ’Ave Luv?, featuring bawdy tavern songs by Henry Purcell. The same piece opens the show for BMD’s anniversary celebration with a toast to the past and to the future. Enjoy excerpts from the much-loved Lucy’s PlaylistBach Chaconne in D minor – a new quartet with music performed by the National Chamber Ensemble, and a stirring world premiere. Go Behind the Scenes with our Dancers. 


Click here for the full 20th Anniversary Season schedule.