BMD Dancer ‘Tell-All’ featuring 20th Anniversary Celebration at Dance Place

It’s true that you only turn 20 once, but you can celebrate BMD’s 20th all year long! Help kick-off our 20th season and join us for performances and an ‘After-Party’ at Dance Place on October 24 at 8:00 p.m. and October 25 at 7:00 p.m.

BMD celebrates its 20th Anniversary at the exact place where it all began two decades ago.  In this exclusive interview, some of our Dancers provide a personal “tell-all” on the importance of BMD’s 20th anniversary from their individual perspectives. We asked them to take us behind the scenes by sharing about BMD’s influence in the community, what it means to them to perform at BMD’s birth place, and something that they would want the audience to know about this show.

You can meet the entire cast at the ‘After-Party’ on Oct 24

In the words of Our Dancers…

Photo by John McCauley

Alicia Curtis, Rehearsal Director, 8th Season

The fact that Lucy  started a company from the ground up and created new works for 20 years is an impressive feat. Few choreographers make such an attempt and even fewer are so successful.

I’m extremely excited to be a part of the company’s anniversary performances at Dance Place. Lucy was one of my teachers as a student at Maryland Youth Ballet, and I can actually recall seeing BMD perform What’ll Y’ave Luv way back then.  Amazingly, it’s now my own 11th season dancing professionally and my 8th season with BMD. To perform while BMD celebrates its 20th anniversary will be very special.

I would love for the audience to know the great effort it takes by Lucy and the dancers to create and learn new choreography. It’s thrilling that in less than a month we’ll be performing what is now just a work in progress!

Samuel Horning, Dancer, 1st Season

I’m incredibly honored to be a part of a dance organization that provides as sustainable and rewarding of a career; a sure rarity in this profession. I believe that BMD’s greatest influence  is through its extensive outreach programs. The company’s dedication to offering movement education and an escape from the difficult realities for people with Parkinson’s Disease is a wonderful example of this outreach.

The show at Dance Place will actually be my first major premiere as a dancer in the DC area, as I recently relocated here from Detroit. What an exciting opportunity, blessing, and responsibility I have this year!

I think BMD makes dance accessible. If the audience were to come behind scenes “in process” with the company, they would see castles being built from bricks and bricks being built from ideas. The castles we make are welcoming, the bricks that make them are refined, and the ideas that propel are original and precious.

Photo by Jeff Malet
Alexandra Keen, Dancer, 3rd Season 
It’s great that BMD will be heading back to Dance Place to kick off our season. I’m excited about dancing in the piece that opened the show 20 years ago! It’s a fun dance so I hope people enjoy seeing it again (or for the first time!). I’ve also never performed at Dance Place so I feel like I’m making my own first memories in this special season.

I feel very fortunate to be part of a company that has a strong support system within the community. It really makes a difference, and BMD couldn’t have made it 20 years without the wonderful support that we receive. Here’s to a great 20th season!

Photo by John McCauley
Heidi Kershaw, former BMD Dancer, Special Appearance
I think BMD has  thrived for the past 20 years not only because of Lucy’s passion and dedication to make new choreographic works, but because of the strong community ties Lucy has formed with the message “Dance is for Everyone.” The outreach programs not only help build an audience for the arts, but promote individuals’ health, wellness, and artistic exploration within our community.

Lucy has been very  supportive during this rehearsal processes.  I had taken a break from performing while in school, and also managed to sprain my LCL during my first few weeks back, but she has been nothing but encouraging and trusting in my abilities as I regain my strength.
Photo by Amber Meade
Dustin Kimball, Dancer, 10th Season

 I think that part of BMD’s success is attributed to the fact that Lucy and, by extension the Company, has maintained such a strong and active role in a community as mutable as the Metro DC area.  Smaller dance companies always run the risk of fading into the background, but BMD has remained in the foreground largely due to the many community enriching programs and performances it offers.

Since this marks my tenth season performing with BMD, it feels very special to me.  The Company has been very good to me over the years, helping me grow as a person and as an artist.  To be giving a “come full-circle” performance with such a wonderful group of dancers is just going to make the experience that much more amazing!

It’s always a blast when we can occasionally have people come in to view a piece in progress instead of the final product.  There are so many different elements Lucy uses when choreographing (tone of music, style of a particular movement, feeling, dancer input) that it is a constant evolutionary process.  It’s nice for people to see how much fun we have!