Leadership, Governance & The Board’s Work

I can’t think of a better way to spend my evening than with bright and intellectually curious students. Led by Dr. Rustin Lewis, the class took a deep dive into the inner workings of the nonprofit sector. Much has been written about nonprofits and the great news is that having spent two-thirds of my professional career evolving in this sector, it was refreshing to both reflect and look ahead with the class.

Nonprofits and the incredible leaders and staff that make-up three of the biggest types (Trade Associations (501(c)6, education foundations 501(c)3, the social welfare groups 501(c)4) produce services, best in-class best practices, research just to name a few that bridge the gaps and shortfalls brought on by shrinking public funding.

Nonprofit Careers

There remains plenty of rewarding opportunities here in Washington, DC to grow professionally through a relevant membership society (various 501(c) designations) or perhaps serving on a Board of Directors in a volunteer capacity. The most important first-step, make sure the organization’s mission resonates with your vision and values!

When asked by one student, what was one favorite thing about being a nonprofit executive? The opportunity to work with bright diverse people in a unified effort to achieve the organization’s missions. Nonprofits also provide their executives with a better work/life balance!

Take a closer look at this vibrant industry via ASAE: American Society of Association Executives or a deeper dive into a possible nonprofit employer via GuideStar.

Best of Luck!