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Le Sacre du Printemps

“Bowen McCauley created her strongest work to date…muscular, theatrically arresting.”

—Sarah Kaufman, The Washington Post


Lucy Bowen McCauley has “helped transform Washington
into one of the Nation’s liveliest centers in performing arts.”

—Washingtonian Magazine


“The crowd was dazzled in a great venue by this company: world class dancers,
choreography, and live music. Stravinsky’s
Rite of Spring music (four-hand piano)
and bold dancing brought the crowd to their feet.”

—Phil Livingston, The Hotchkiss School


2012 Premiere at The Kennedy Center.

Bowen McCauley lends her signature style of musicality and athleticism to her fresh interpretation of Le Sacre. The piece has been considered the staple of modern dance—angular and abstract—with a score full of harmonic dissonance and syncopated rhythms. “I want people to relate to the full emotional range of the work and the unfolding of events in a less obvious way,” she says. She adds elements of surprise for those familiar with the 1913 masterpiece. The new work features set and costume design by award-winning designer Tony Cisek and live four-hand piano accompaniment by Fabio and Giselle Witkowski.






The cast of Le Sacre following a performance at the 2012 Wintergreen Summer Music Festival.

BMD music director and composer Larry Alan Smith recommended the four-hand piano version to Bowen McCauley, which Bowen McCauley felt was a perfect match for her chamber size company. “I was honored to choreograph to an incredible piece of music that has been a major artistic influence on me for more than half of my life,” Bowen McCauley says.

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