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Mimmo Miccolis

Mimmo Miccolis, an Italian born dancer and choreographer, is one of the winners of the prestigious BBC Performing Arts Fund Dance 2011. He  graduated from two prestigious dance academies inItaly: “Fondazione Niccolò Piccinni” (Bari) and “Balletto di Toscana” (Florence).  From September 2012 to May 2013, Mimmo also worked as a contemporary dance instructor at the Lewisham College and in 2011 and 2012 as choreographer with the LCP Dance Theatre. In London, he presented two well received shows, “RIGHTS?” about human rights and “LUST LOST LAST”, about violence against women. His most recent choreographies are part of the music video by Aurora Lee “Creature”  and of a contemporary Flashmob, held in February 2013, with 140 dancers  inCentral Londonfor the OBR UK Art Festival. Previously he was a dancer with the “RBR Dance Company” in Verona, with “Evolution Dance Theatre” in Rome and performed in operas such as “La Traviata”, “Carmen” and “Satyricon” in Italy, Spain, and Oman. His international experience also includes performances in France with “Conversation sur les Champignons” and in Albania with “Virgil and Love.” Mimmo was assistant choreographer to Anthony Heinl  for the “Maggio Danza” of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and for the “Evolution Dance Theatre”. In Italy he took part in the TV show “Domenica In” as a member of the chorus and in the American film “Rome” as a performer.

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