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Bowen McCauley Stretch


“McCauley’s stretch class taught me how to stretch and gain more flexibility, which helps prevent injuries. I credit all of the work from the stretch class as the preventive measure that kept me from injuries during the Olympic gymnasts tour.”

Dominique Dawes, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist

Bowen McCauley Stretch is a unique stretch technique pioneered by Lucy Bowen McCauley and has been featured in USA Today, Dance Teacher, and the Washington Post.  Many years ago, McCauley worked with her mentor, Jean Paul Mustone, the late exercise physiologist, to develop this stretch program.  She used her dancer’s body to help Mustone develop a technique suited to help not only dancers and elite athletes but the general public as well.  Bowen McCauley Stretch originated from this early work and now boasts several other trained teachers and thousands of students and followers.

The Bowen McCauley Stretch technique uses a series of continuous movement and deep breathing to progress into each stretch which is held for eight counts and repeated for four sets.  This slow-paced technique increases elasticity in the muscles and freedom in the joints while incorporating deep breathing to help de-stress both the mind and body and emphasizing proper alignment and the interdependence of good posture and flexibility.

Bowen McCauley Stretch is ideal for dancers, athletes, and anyone wishing to increase flexibility, range of motion, and muscle strength. For three years, 2003-2006, McCauley used her stretch technique as coach for USA Gymnastics, giving classes all over the country and working with Olympic notables, Dominique Dawes, Courtney Kupets, and Elise Ray, among others and was invited to teach for a week at Bela Karolyi’s gymnastics camp.

Read the article in USA Today.

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