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Victory Road

Victory Road is an innovative two-in-one performance: a live rock concert by legendary Nashville band Jason and The Scorchers, with visual storytelling by “D.C.’s premier contemporary dance company” (The Washington Post), Bowen McCauley Dance (BMD).

Led by famed choreographer Lucy Bowen McCauley, BMD has transformed the music of Jason and The Scorchers — credited with “rewriting the history of rock ‘n’ roll in the South” (Rolling Stone) — into movement. The result is an electrifying performance about a boy who leaves his hometown with the dream of becoming a rock star in the 1980’s. Read the preview in the Washington City Paper.

With two nearly sold-out shows at The Kennedy Center in April 2015, the world premiere of Victory Road was a success! The theater was packed and the audience’s enthusiasm was palpable thanks to the dancers’ unmistakable energy and the spirited music of Jason and The Scorchers. View the press photos.

 “The combination of earthy, lyric-driven, guitar-based live, country rock and the elegant movements of the Bowen McCauley dancers were irresistible.” – Buzz McClain, Senior Editor at George Mason University.

After an exciting weekend premiere, Victory Road went quite literally “on the road.” BMD and The Scorchers picked up their dance shoes and their instruments and hit the open road for a tour through Southern Virginia.  BMD offered a master class to students at the University of Virginia ‘s College at Wise and the performance of Victory Road was well-received at the JW Adams Combined School.

Read the Victory Road Synopsis.



The journey will continue with an expanded regional tour in the 2015-2016 season. See below for booking information.









Victory Road Trailer from Victory Road on Vimeo.

The Victory Road Project

From the Artists
Since the inception of Victory Road, Lucy and Jason have been hard at work with several in-person meetings to develop the concept and choose the songs. Jason wrote the story and the two have maintained close communication to create the final product.

“Throughout my career I have always hoped that the music of Jason and the Scorchers would be set to dance. Our music is rooted in old Southern folk, Celtic melodies, and first-wave punk rock, all of which are dance based. When Lucy approached me with the idea, it was an instant no brainer to jump aboard the train. In fact, it is what I have always wanted to see happen.” – Jason Ringenberg

“I have loved Jason’s music for years. It is a wonderful honor to choreograph to his stunning songs and to work with such a disarmingly humble genius.” – Lucy Bowen McCauley


About Jason and The Scorchers
 “The Scorchers are the real deal, the spontaneous combustion of country roots and rock & roll fervor.” – Rolling Stone

“Nashville’s greatest rock band!” – The Tennesean

Jason Ringenberg was born and raised on an Illinois hog farm that bordered the Rock Island Line Railroad. He left for Nashville on July 4, 1981 to pursue his dream of “making a band that could kick American roots music into the modern age!” Little did he know just how far the kick would travel. He immediately formed Jason and The Scorchers and never looked back.

In 2008 they were awarded the Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award for Performance. There is an exhibit of them in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Most recently, the band has been touring extensively throughout Europe.

Read more from Jason about the making of Victory Road.


In the Media

Bowen McCauley Dance Offers First Look at ‘Victory Road’ – The Washington Post

Modern Dance Meets Live Country Rock: Bowen McCauley Dance Performs to Jason and the Scorchers

Community Engagement

Both Jason and Lucy are available to provide rich community engagement activities as part of a residency package. Jason received a 2009 Emmy Award for his educational children’s work as Farmer Jason. Lucy has received the Dance/Metro DC Lifetime Achievement Award in Dance Education, and serves as a National leader in Dance/USA’s mentorship program, designed to strengthen the dance field. All residencies are customized to address the needs of the community and meet the goals of the presenter, but may include the following specialty offerings:

Dance for PD workshop with local hospital for Parkinson’s support group;
Farmer Jason Children’s Performance;
BMD School Performance/Workshop Community;
Bowen McCauley Stretch Class; and University Master Classes in Dance, Choreography, Music Composition, Commercial Recording.



Victory Road is touring with a four member band, nine member dance company, artistic director, and technical director. Single performance, multi-day residencies, and workshops available. Fees vary depending on the specific package.

For BMD’s 20th Anniversary Season, we are building a regional tour of Victory Road, specifically Fall 2015. For bookings in 2015, we have grant support from the NEA to significantly reduce the cost to you of bringing Bowen McCauley Dance to your audience.

There are two ways to present Victory Road. The first is to bring the four-member band, Jason and the Scorchers. The second option, with significant cost savings, is to bring in only the lead band member, Jason Ringenberg.

Presenter Resources

Technical Rider

For more information, pricing, and to book Victory Road contact Lucy Bowen McCauley lucy@bmdc.org.



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